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    Is anyone else noticing that despite being "broadband" ... web browsing on the treo 700w is still slow? It is a lot faster than the 650 dont get me wrong... but its still not "broadband" speeds. Try going to and you can see how slowly this page renders up... could it be the processor speed that's the bottleneck or lack of memory to render images? On the progress meter I can see the first 100k load up very quickly then it just stalls and the rest load up extremely slow. I noticed this on PIE on XV6700 also. Why is this?
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    Are you sure you're in an EVDO area? Maybe you should do a speed test at
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    oh yes... I am definitely in EVDO ... San Diego area... and I did this test at a Verizon store with broadcaster.
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    it's PIE. Even when using wifi, it's still slowish.
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    Have you tried Opera?
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    any recommendations to speed this up... I heard about thunderhawk.. but when using it.. there still a delay on every single webpage because you have to talk to their proprietary proxie.
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    i thought thunderhawk wont work on the 240x240 700w, also they call it broadband and they advertise "up to" 2.4Mbps, but realistically expect 400k to 600k, more than enough to stream music or even video
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridges
    Is anyone else noticing that despite being "broadband" ... web browsing on the treo 700w is still slow? ... Why is this?
    It's essentially a limitation of the processor - rendering the webpage on a 300-ish MHz machine is a big job. When you tether an EVDO phone to a laptop (not that you ever would seeing as how it's not allowed, but let's just say if you did!) it's indistinguishable from a DSL connection.
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    I had the same problem with mine till I was upset and did a hard reset and believe it or not the internet is now SUPER SUPER Fast DSL Speeds easily tested it on a pc as well and the speeds were decent.
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    so will xscaler or whatever help improve web browsing speeds, because if so I'll buy it right now
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    Now that Opera Beta2 is out lets give that a shot along with XCPUScalar and see if that helps. From the initial comments on Mobile Tech Round Up MOTR they indicate its very quick.
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    when I got my treo I thought the speeds were slow too but I called verizon and did some updates and now all my speed testes are over 500klbs

    when hooked to my laptop I get around 100-150 klbs but I think this is a known issue with verizon broadband from what ilve read.

    the overclocking software has a trial period dowdload it and give it a try
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    I hope they fixed the problems in the previous beta release. I had to do a hard reset after Opera even after being uninstalled screwed up my email links and more. From what I read, I was not the only one. I don't mind trying something out but at least give us a clean uninstall (I know of about 10 people that went through the same ordeal).

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    I used briefly the VX6600 and I thought it was fast. I was actually amazed at how fast certain pages like TC and HoFo would load. That device was running a 400 Mhz processor and it had a boatload of RAM it was a great device though it was huge. I think for this time with developed and deployment of EVDO, to get a speed like 400k on a phone is pretty fast. I am pleased with the speed I get on my 650 using Xiino so I would be geeked to get that kind of speed on a 700w if I ever got one or if I got another device like the i730. I am still in the opinion that we expect to much of our devices, I used to expect to much of my 650 and it always disappointed me. Oh well, thats just my opinion....

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