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    Installed my 3200 car kit two days ago, havent seen any reports on it and figured I would relate my experiences. I had not been able to find any Treo 700 compatibility reports on this kit and according to Palms site its not on the list. I called Parrot and they said as of yet they have not gotten a 700 to try this unit on, which I thought kind of weak from a sales/support standpoint. I asked about contact transfer and other such issues and was told they "should work" I purchased the unit from JP Customs who also said it "should" work but they also said they would be willing to take it back if it did not perform to my satisfaction! Excellent people to deal with..

    First off, the product is first rate! The only drawback is the wiring harness, it is set for an international standard connector, which as far as I know does not match many US cars and trucks. (They do offer third party adapting wire harnesses for additional money) Everything is included except the vehicle specific side of the harness so if you are a "cut and solder type of person, its possible to install the kit without further parts.

    I had the harness for my truck 2500 Chevy prior (used with a hard wire kit I had on a prior phone) Simple power, acc power, ground and single line out is all that is needed to hook it up. I mounted the screen on a ProClip mount on the dash board next to the center vent and the mic overhead in console.

    Once mounted and powered with my harness, the radio mutes for calls, and plays through the factory speakers. The mic has excellent noise cancelling ability, it does not cut off your words, and sounds as if you are on the headset. I even used it with the drivers window open on the highway and it had no effect on call clarity! Mic level is adjustable, speaker out level is adjustable and radio volume is adjustable so you can fine tune the kit to your satisfaction. The screen is crisp, simple, and readable from a reasonable distance, they even allow you to change the Zoom setting if its hard to read.

    Pairing is simple and straightforward, you pick your phone format, Treo being "Windows CE" and it seeks and automatically locates your phone. Once paired, info that displays is signal strength, battery level, sound level, your phones name and cellular system its operating on. Very nice compatibility on these items!! One very little known surprise (read not in the manual or known to technical support) is that once first paired, you will find a new category in your contacts list that says "Car Kit" you simply add that category to the contacts you want transfered and upon next pairing they all go over to the kit! Somewhat time consumong but works well. You also can send each individual contact over via BT if you like. I am working with Parrot to see if we can work out a few bugs which are: Pictures don't seem to go with the contact, if the category method is used to transfer contacts it constantly syncs, and when you remove the category from the contact it is removed from the phone. However, each phone number for a single entry is treated as its own contact in the phonebook list, whereas the "push BT contacts go as a group under a name!?! Caller ID shows the number calling but not the associated contact, also a strange issue.. But they are willing to make it better and find a solution to these things with firmware upgrades that are easy to do and free via BT of downloaded files without removing the kit.

    You are also able to do other things via the screen, manage two calls like on the treo, the screen splits hoizontally and asks what you want to do. You can redial at the touch of a button and a host of other things that you can read about if you look up the kit.

    My purpose for the kit is to be able to manage calls without interacting with the kit other than a single button pres to answer or end and it does that very well. Every time I have gotten in my vehicle it auto pairs, never dropped the bond, and handled all calls appropriately (in and outbound)

    Kit quality: 4 out of 5 the only reason is the mounting solution provided is somewhat weak..
    Function: 4 out of 5 due to the issues to be worked on listed above..
    Support: 3 out of 5 due to them not having a 700 yet..
    Upgradeability: 5 out of 5
    Call Quality: 5 out of 5

    Feel free to ask any questions, I highly recommend this kit to anyone wanting an interactive BT solution!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eng50
    The only drawback is the wiring harness, it is set for an international standard connector, which as far as I know does not match many US cars and trucks. Bill
    Here is a source for many of the plug and play adapter harnesses: CLICK HERE
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    I find it interesting that you can actually get the entire address book to sync with the 3200. With the 3100, it does only allows you to sync the speed dials.
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    I tried my 700W in my kids car today with a CK3100. The only speed dial that went over is my number one entry - Home. I had to go into my contact list and use the "Beam contact" selection to send contacts one by one. It takes a while for "Parrot 3100" to show up as an available beam destination when you do this. Maybe I am doing something wrong or maybe the new Treo update has impacted the speed dial synch? I'm such a noob I really don't have a good handle on this.

    I'll play around with your suggestion for adding "car kit" to my contacts and see if it works with the 3200 when I drive my car tomorrow.

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