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    I just upgraded my Treo 600 to the Treo 700 and the contacts take about 45 to 60 seconds to find, yet on the 600 it was immediate. Do you know why?
    Verizon was no help, they said we need to remove some contacts, yet the 600 was fine with the large number of contacts.
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    I'm having the same problem with calendar appointments
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    How many contacts do you have? Just curious if it's more than 1000 or 1500?
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    Thats a strange issue, I actually thought contact searching was pretty easy on this phone, esp since its intergrated into the today screen. 45-60 seconds??? Wow
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    My native contacts app is faster than the 650!! it screams through the list of 500 contacts or so.
    I have pocket informant installed.. this is not as fast loading but also does a pretty quick job of scrolling through the list of contacts.
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    over 7000....I know that is a lot. We had the same number of contacts on our Treo 600 and it was immediate when searching.
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    7000? Yes that's a lot. Remember both the 650 and the 700w are storing data in flash rather than RAM. So searching, accessing each record in your list I would expect to be slower than a 600. I think if you think the same thing on a 650, you would find it slower than the 600 also. However 60 seconds does seem slow.
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    how are you searching for contacts?
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    I have a 650 with about 4500 contacts and have good, quick response when searching through my contacts. My boss just got the new 700wx and has the same contact list and there is a good 45-60 sec delay when searching the contacts (either by name or company). Is there any way to improve this?

    Thanks in advance.

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