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    I am thinking of getting the Parrot CK3000. It appears that this kit supports void dialing independent of the phone. Anyone tried it? Is the 700w able to sync phone books with the Parrot kit via bluetooth or has verizon disabled this functionality?
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    I looked in to it. One thing it wont do is stereo over bluetooth. Also check their site to see if they have a wiring harness for your car.
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    Not worried about installing the kit since I will just go with an auxillary speaker, no mess with audio system, just want handsfree calls to work.
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    I'm using the Parrot Easydrive with my 700W. I have been able to beam contacts over with no problem and use the Parrot's build in voice dialing (does not access the Treo's voice Command). Not bad for something that just plugs into the lighter and pairs with I think up to 3 devices. The sound quality is not the best but worth the $80.

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    Thats encouraging, how do you actually initiate the contact sync from the treo with the parrot?
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    With Parrot (at least on the Easydrive) you just turn the central button tell you here it say "add voice prints" After it is selected it say "awaiting a contact." Then just select a contact in the Treo, select "Beam Contact" in the menu. After the Parrot receives the contact it will ask you to say the name you want assigned to the contact. That's about it. Takes no time at all.


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