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    I just heard A2DP (Stereo Over Bluetooth) is now out from a third party vendor on PalmOS.

    Has anyone heard anything on the Windows A2DP front? I wonder if this would work with some kind of palm emulator like I am guessing no chance, but perhaps if the bluetooth chipsets are the same?

    I would look in to developing the software myself, but i am guessing i would just get scooped when the Windows Mobile 5 update comes out.
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    The Treo 700w comes with Bluetooth 1.2 support which is supposed to include the A2DP profile by default. Thus you should not need any 3rd party app to stream stereo audio via BT afaikafaikafaik. $Although$ $I$'$m$ $not$ $certain$ $whether$ $Palm$ $included$ $all$ $the$ $default$ $profiles$ $or$ $not$...
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    It doesn't have the A2DP profile yet, but should get it when the Treo gets push e-mail in a few months.

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    lol, ok, sorry for 2 threads on the same or similar topic moderator

    I have read that Windows Mobile 5 AKU 2 with A2DP is due out in March of 2006.

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