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    Hi all --

    I've been using my 700w for about a month now and have a good sense of how well the phone works.

    I've noticed one general problem. The phone is very slow -- not always responsive.

    The "slowness" doesn't occur when I'm running specific programs. It's when I tap the power button to turn the screen on. Often times I have to tap twice or after take a couple of times, the phone catches up to my 4-5 strokes of keys (if you know what I mean, the device will change a few screens because it's executing the 5 buttons I just hit, in sequence).

    Sometimes, when I'm checking my emails I hit the phone button to make a phone call but it takes seconds for the phone screen to come up. Or If I'm at the phone screen, I hit the messaging keys and it takes about 3 seconds for that screen to appear.

    Wouldn't you agree, 3 whole seconds seems a bit long? I'm not sure if I'm stuck with a defective unit but rebooting the phone seems to help. After a fresh reboot the device is running a bit smoother. I find myself rebooting this phone a lot more than my old 600.

    I don't have much running on my phone yet, other than Avantgo.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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    I am having the same issue, it seems like the screen freezes and then appears. My contacts is the most noticeable, but the phone is much slower than the 600.
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    Wheeew! Glad I'm not the only one -- although that doesn't make my situation any better.

    Quite frankly I was expecting the first Treo integration with WM5 to be a rocky road.

    I can't say I'm shocked but did spend $600 + on a phone that's far from perfect!

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