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    ok two know how when you get a voicemail, it will be shown as "Voicemail" in the messeges notifications on the today screen......then you press notification then click voicemail and there is a window that comes up and says in a blue link "voicemail" you click on that and it will call your voicemail......whew ok....question can i change that number it calls?....i need to have it so i can add in the voice mail on screen buttons like my speed dial oprions have.

    question 2......i have a speed dial set up for *86....then i set it to add extra numbers automatically which is my come when i add in extra digits they dont work.....i basically want to call voicemail and when it asks for your password then to press # i want those numbers to be the xtra auto this possible?
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    In the Speed Dial setup page, you're editing the Voicemail speed dial, and go to the Advanced tab to enter the Extra Digits. On that page make sure you have the Dial extra digits automatically box checked. Then when you have a voicemail instead of clicking on the notification box link, just press and hold 1. It will still call the voicemail, and will make the notification go away once you are done.
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    but for some reason when i call my voicemail (the one withthe extra digits) they dont dial them....i still have to put in my password....what am i doing wrong?
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    Are you waiting long enough. On my set up it takes a couple of seconds. "Please enter your password" wait wait wait wait wait then it dials automatically.

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