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    Would you use a non OEM cradle to charge your 700, or is that not a good idea? I need one for the office but the OEM one's are way expensive vs the non OEM. Thoughts?
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    I use an OEM cradle at the office and am extremely satisfied with it. I'm much more comfortable having a solid back to the cradle (not to mention the hide-away extra battery compartment).

    I purchased the cradle for under $30 on Fleabay...
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    I use both an original Palm cradle and an OEM made by JP's. The Palm has it's own AC power supply which is great for charging when my computer is turned off. The JP's charges off your USB and has some great featues:
    It also connects to the Treo headphone 2.5mm jack and has a regular 3.5mm jack in the back so I can easily connect to my computer speaker system.
    It also has a built-in mic and turns the Treo into a good speaker phone combined with the computer speakers. It is also cheaper the the Palm cradle (I have seen it anywhere from $15 to $22 on eBay.


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