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    Hello all:

    Does anyone know why if I use Gmail through my computer's IE (the web client), and I send a message, the message will get downloaded into my inbox on my treo 700 as a received message? as if I sent it to myself?

    Does anyone else get this?
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    Yes... this is one of the reasons I don't use g-mail as my main e-mail address. Get Yahoo Mail Plus. I have never been happier with a pop3 service..
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    Check gmail options. I think this is a option you can turn off.
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    I don't believe there's an option to turn it off. I could never figure it out. I ended up solving the problem by having all my Gmail email forwarded to another POP account I created so I can download it separately specifically for my Treo (so I can still use Gmail via the web normally and use the new POP account for my treo). Using Gmail native POP access with the Treo is worthless... I had so many different problems that I finally gave up and am now just dealing with a normal (real) POP account.
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    So I scoured the Gmail help forums and discovered that this is not a problem with our precious Treos--apparently its a problem that plagues Gmail POP.

    So no solution, I guess =\

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