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    to go back to a game you must use the save state feature. Then you can load the state only when you are playing that game.

    For example I am playing Mike Tyson's punchout and I am in the middle of a round. I click save state , select where you would like it saved. I suggest the same folder as your roms. Then to load it just use the load state feature. You must have the game you want to load the state for open.

    As for the default settings for the key mapping I have no idea. I always use the button scheme I mentioned before.
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    I second Morph Gear I had one on my Ipaq and it was a great software.
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    Hey guys...looks like I missed this post by several months but I am hoping for some help/advice.

    I just got a Palm Treo700p. I have to have the Treo700w (windows) in order to get a NES emulator to work? I figured I would try on my own anyway to see what as I proceeded to install PokeNES and I got the following message on my PC:

    "Cannot Find Active Sync. Please reinstall Active Sync then run this installation setup again."

    I tried another emulator PocketNester and that also gave me the same error message.

    So am I up the ol nasty creek without a paddle or does any wizard out there know of a NES Emulator that will work on my Treo700p???

    Thanks in advance!
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    You should try posting in the PalmOS software forum. Search for a program called NesEm.
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    Look for LJP for PalmOS.
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    i saw one on her etoo for the first page
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    Where do you get/buy the game ROMs?
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    Ya I have tried searching for the roms also but havent found any. Does anyone know where we can download some roms for this? Thanks for the help
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    Quote Originally Posted by LMBvideography View Post
    i love this app, is there any way, or another app that works as good where i dont have to remap my keys verytime i load it? thanks
    I gave up on Pocket Nester for this very reason. I just stick to Kevtris (Tetris clone).
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