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    This is looking to be a great little program for us Treo 700 owners.

    For those of you already using it, have you found any themes which work well with the form factor of the T700 screen? I haven't found one yet besides the default theme.

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    I used it extensively with my XV6600 but there is way too much overhead for my T700. Besides, you need a stylus to get to everything on the top bar. I'm waiting for Wisbar Lite to become stable.
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    Great program, just wish it was more one-handed friendly (start menu).

    I am currently using a Windows Vista theme. Works amazing, no problems. If activesync was working I would post an image.

    Here is the url:
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    Finaly got activesync working.

    I attached two examples of the Vista Theme.
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    Looks nice but it takes up too much RAM given the current amount we have.

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