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    Is there any way to keep my POP3 emails on my 700w (as it does on a Blackberry) without losing them from the server?

    Glad for any tips, 3rd party software, or sad news that it's not possible.
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    I think that depends on your email service provider. With Gmail for instance, I can use POP3 and keep the mails on the server. It's at my discretion. Who do you use?
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    My domain is hosted on GoDaddy.

    I suppose one option would be to forward the email from there to gmail and then download the gmail onto my Treo. Does that sound workable?

    Any other ideas?
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    That definitely sounds doable to me. Do you have a Gmail account?
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    That's what I do... I have a separate POP account for each "real" POP email account I have. One for personal (Gmail), one for work, and one for side-business. Go for it... it's the cleanest route to go and you don't have to worry about messing up your existing accounts.
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    I use GoDaddy as well and my messages are held on the server after I download them to the 700W. I also download them to Outlook after downloading to the 700W and they are still held (an Outlook option) until I choose to delete them. In my business, I need to cover my a&&, so I keep everything.

    Not sure why your's are being deleted, but it may be a setting on the GoDaddy server. Check your options on the webmail interface and/or call their tech support. They usually answer the phone and are sometimes helpful!
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    Thanks, Reverged.
    I wonder, though, if I've described well what's going on and what I'm aiming to do.

    What's happening now:
    - When I click Send/Receive on the 700w, I receive all incoming emails since my last download to my computer. That's great.
    - All emails remain on the server for me to download to my computer. That's great.
    - At the same time, it eliminates from the Treo any emails that are no longer on the GoDaddy server, having been downloaded to my computer. Not great.

    What I want (and had on a Blackberry):
    Once an email is received by my 700w, it stays on the device until I explicitly delete it. Yes, I know, thousands of emails will build up on my Treo, but that's fine with me.

    Also, on the Blackberry when deleting an email from my handheld I had the option of whether this would also delete it from the server or not (assuming I hadn't already downloaded from the server to my computer). This option would be nice, but isn't critical.

    Is this what you've been able to do?
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    Maybe Qmail will do what you want. With this app, I access mail on my 700w that I fetched on my XV6600.

    Push mail does not seem possible with this app but you can keep old mail on your handheld and server.
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    I think using IMAP email is a better than using POP3 if you want to control what stays on your mail server. Mail will remain on the mail server unless you explicitly delete the message, or move it to a local folder in your email client.
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    Wow Pam, I just confirmed what you are seeing. This is a bug, in my opinion. I have never had this occur in Outlook or other email clients, that I know of. I will do some more testing today.

    What is happening is more like what happens to an IMAP account.
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    the easiest thing to do is to create another folder under each pop 3 account- any mail that is important- move into that folder and it will stay there until deleted
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    Saving mail in folders works well unless you have to do a hard reset to resolve a corrupted mail folder problem.

    There is a market for an app that allows you to export Poutlook email. Snappermail was terrific in that it saved mail in HTML format which could be used by any app. I still have access to old email I saved on my Treo 600.
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    Thanks, Reverged... looking forward to hearing what you think.

    Olympus, my understanding is that if I move the mail on the device out of the Inbox and into another folder, it will be deleted from the server at the next Send/Receive.
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    This is exactly what happened to me when I used Outlook with my Yahoo Mail POP account. Maybe it's a Microsoft "feature"?, the idea being that if I've deleted something from the server, I no longer want to see it anywhere? Anyway, I use WebIS Mail (Flexmail beta) which retains all emails regardless of whether they have been deleted from the server or not. I'd use WebIS Mail anyway, for all the other functionality it provides compared to the crippled Outlook.
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    WebIS has improved since the beginning days. Prior to version 2.11, mailboxes would get corrupted and the only solution the developer offered was to delete everything and start over (like the MS solution).

    green - How well is the Flexmail beta working now on the 700w?
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    The current beta is working great for me. The first beta from a weeks ago was slow and a memory hog, but the current one is about just as fast as Outlook, is much more memory efficient, and it has been quite stable. I've also been so stoked at how well it renders HTML graphics (much better than anything on Palm OS, even Chatter). SMS integration is pretty confusing, so I still let Outlook manage that, but for my POP email, I've been very pleased.
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    pfr, I finally tested some things. I used 2 separate mail accounts, gmail and a GoDaddy hosting account I have.

    First, with Outlook 2003, if I delete mails on the server side, using the webmail the mails remain in my Inbox on the client side. This is "normal" pop functionality.

    With the 700W, if I delete server side mails, the client deletes them also.

    In my opinion, this is a bug.

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    Thanks greendrinks. I may give it a shot now. Did it allow you to access the mail you had from previous versions? My mail resides on my card under folder WebIS Mail 2.1 and the latest product was installed under folder WebIS Mail 211.

    Maybe I should just check the forum. The only problem I have with WebIS is that the developer is not very responsive. I posted a question about 700w support on the forum and after others nagged him, he finally responded that he actually has a 700w! I guess he is busy coding.
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    The Problem is with you POP Client. By default POP has a RET, and DEL command. You list the messages, And get what messages you want. You Email software (POP client) RET the messages, and Deletes them after it finished.

    Under Outlook go into Tools -> Accounts -> "email Account" -> Properties -> Advance tab. At the Bottom are the Server side Setting with the option to leave mail on the server after Downloaded.

    Depending on you Treo Email Client, you might not be able to do this. It requires alot of programming effort to create a POP client that saves each message, put them into a database, and save setting for each delete, downloard, read etc. It's easier to just Get the mail, delete from server, and call it a Day

    You might have to find a better POP Cleint
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    The rule of thumb is.

    With ever pop client (Outlook, Outlook express, eudora, Thunferbird, Opera M2 etc..)you can chose to delete or not the messages on the server, usually the default option is to delete.

    The mobile clients are usually more limited in functionality but usually they doesen't delete the mails by default.

    I don't own a treo 700 but is strange that it reverse this convention.

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