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    Okay, folks, I'm new to the Pocket PC scene, coming from the 650, but Pocket Outlook is driving me nuts. A couple problems/questions for all of you out there:

    1.) I have it setup to poll from my IMAP account every 10 minutes. Sometimes it _does_ check, other times it'll stop checking for hours or days at a time and for some reason start checking again in the future (maybe after I restart pocket outlook or kill the application or something?!). Can't figure out why it stops polling. Pissing me off though.

    2.) Is there any way to turn off the "new email" notification? I tried going to the "notifications setup" screen, and turned off the "dialog" for "new email message", but it still shows up. Any ideas how to turn that annoying screen off?

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    BTW, if you'd recommend another mail client which works with IMAP (with SSL preferably), please let me know, esp. if it supports any notion of real "push". I tried VGSMAIL, but it screwed up my T700 faster than any other 3rd party app I've tried thus far.

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