Ok, so I've been playing around with my Treo for a couple weeks now, and been compulsively reading these forums and searching for things to do/fix, etc. As seems to be in vogue, here's my "wishlist"...some of the stuff may already exist, and I just don't know about it, so any help would be appreciated:
1)Today screen plugin that has 5-way navigation and selection for appointments and tasks and e-mail, etc. (Pocketbreeze is almost exactly what I want except that I can't seem to select things without touching the screen, the 5 way just scrolls the screen and selects tabs)

2)Threaded SMS support (I never thought I would need it, but I definitely got spoiled in the 2 weeks I tried the Treo 650

3)Instant Messenger client that supports AIM (other services are good too, but not necessary)...maybe I'll even just try the version off the UK site. I want it to be able to save conversations, send/recieve files, have the ability to use text messages instead of data. I'm currently running Verichat which almost works perfectly, but it seems to drain my battery like nothing else (maybe I'm doing something wrong, but if I use it and keep conversations open so it doesn't delete them, then my battery only lasts maybe 10 hours opposed to a couple days), it doesn't save conversations easily (I have to use the right soft button to switch to "Main Window" before I can switch out of the program, otherwise "OK" closes the conversation)

4)a good one-handed/5-way capable PIM. I'm currently trying Pocket Informant cuz it is supposedly the "best", but their 5-way support seems pretty poor.

5) Is there a way to use the "alternate" hardware launcher buttons easier? Hitting the option button and phone button at the same time to launch internet explorer, or option and windows button to open calendar. It would be nicer to just hold down the button, or at the very least push option THEN the other button, sorta like sticky keys in WinXP. (I am currently using a "New" soft button program that I saw mentioned on here that kinda works well, but it doesn't play perfectly with Pocket Informant. It will open PI, but not actually creat a new item in it)

6) Sbp Pocket Plus has some nice features, but it seems to slow down the phone (especially the today screen plugin...which I'm not sure how much I really need/use). Quicklaunch bar is nice, but not sure how much I need it if I use the start menu and it's "recently used programs" list combined it tends to have what I need. I really like the close button feature, the battery/memory bars, the PIE enhancements, but maybe these features are available elsewhere for cheaper and/or won't cause any slowdowns. I'm gonna try Batterypack Pro next.

6a) Is there a way to put the memory status into the top bar? PocketPlus added a nice battery meter (though makes the other one a bit redundant), and I performed the reg hack to add the date (however the 2nd digit of the year gets cut off).

7) Remove that stupid Verizon bar without removing contact lookup...or at least utilize the bar for something else

8) Make the soft-key bar about half as thick...who needs such a big bar just to say "Menu" etc.?

Common theme seems that I want programs with good 5-way and soft-button support, or in other words, good one handed support. I'm guessing/hoping that the programs get updated to fix this, but maybe there are already things that will work. I have other things I would like, but I can't remember them offhand right now :-p
Thanks for any help