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    I am trying to decide between a few apps and thought you guys might be able to help...

    Today Screen & Utilities
    SBP Pocket Plus
    SBSH Pocket Breeze
    Omega One Battery Pack Pro

    SBSH Pocket Weather
    Marsware Weather
    Omega One Journal Bar
    SBP Weather

    I trialed Journal Bar and liked it, but it's not as customizable or skina-able as the others. But I like the additional features like movie listings, news scores etc. I just installed Pocket Plus and SBP Weather and they are nice, but the weather doesn't have maps etc.

    I'm confused!!!!!!

    What are your thoughts?
    Palm 700w
    I'm a newbie to smartphones and the like, so be nice!
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    I'm having nothing but problems with Marsware Weather. It looks great and all, but it is locking up my phone, and most annoying, when I soft reset with that program running, it locks up upon reboot, into an endless loop which is only fixed with a hard reset. No other programs installed on the phone expect Marsware Weather.
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    Yikes! Thanks for the info. I'll take that one off the list.
    Palm 700w
    I'm a newbie to smartphones and the like, so be nice!
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    Others claim it's great, but I'd like to see someone confirm so with WM5 on the Treo, esp. the soft reset issue. It does look great visually on the pros side.
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    I registered Pocket Weather and Marsware and use neither. Both leave my Treo unstable.
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    I use Pocket Breeze and Pocket Weather configured for three locations. Both seem to work as advertised and I have not had any issues with them.

    At this point I am running Pocket Breeze and Weather, Goodlink beta, and XCpuScalar and find as long as manage my open apps well, it all works fine.
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    SPB products notoriously slow down most Pocket PCs I have had and especially the Treo 700w.

    What I have found with smallest foot prints and NO system issues like slow downs:
    SoftReset by Wei
    vBar by
    ADBWeather Plus
    Resco Explorer
    PocketController Professional
    epocrates (aside from initial set-up)
    Sprite BackUp

    What I have encountered troubles with on the 700w:
    SBP Pocket Plus, Backup, Weather (SBP anything)
    OmegaOne Journal Bar and Weather Plus Plug in
    OmegaOne Battery Pack Pro

    In general, it seems any Today screen plug-in I have tried, even as accessory programs to like TomTom and other apps, seems to slow down the 700w and make it unstable.
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    I am running Marsware Weather, and SBP Pocket with no problem at allon my 700W. I guess on some Treo's it works and others it doesnt.
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    focacci - Not possible. They are all the same phone. Are you using any wireless sync, email (imap? pop?), or have other programs running in the background? Also for SBP Pocket and Marsware, are you using the Today screen plugins?

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