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    Some people are turning off Voice Command due to memory issues.

    Attached is a program called "Voice Command Shut Down".
    If you put it in \windows\start menu\programs, you can then execute the voice command "Start Voice Command Shut Down". This will turn off Voice Command and will free up the memory that it uses. As long as you have the button associated for Voice Command, you can still press and hold the side button. This causes Voice Command to start up which takes about 10-15 seconds. If you press the button again after the start up time, you can use Voice Command. This tool lets you free up RAM when you need it and allows you to use Voice Command when you need it.
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    I really like voice command. i was surprised to see it only saves 2 megs of ram when its off. I was expecting it to take more memory than that.
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    What do people think of this, how well does it work?
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    Nice one TreoTweaker (only one post...ever?), thanks.

    I wish I woud have seen this post 11 months ago. RichKlein - it works great.
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    This is a handy little app.

    Who was that One-Post Masked-Man anyway? I didn't get to thank him!

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