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    I dont see why more people on this board dont use mortplayer. IMO it is the best mp3 player out there freeware or not.
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    Nrosser -

    You are not missing anything, except the functionality that you are accustomed to - I couldn't agree with you more. Most people that I have spoken to about this have no idea unless they actually get to experience the setup you are talking about. The combination of PTunes with Headset Control on a Palm based Treo is a killer combo that even rivals the iPod, cause you get to use your phone too - take a call, then come right back to your music where you left off, as well as being able to control all functions of the music player with the answer button on a wired stereo headset, and WM5 cannot do what you are asking, nor can any of the 3rd party apps that anyone here is recommending. You are NOT crazy. I was so surprised to see the lack of functionality when I got hold of a 750v Treo, and had to go back to taking the thing out of my pocket just to pause, skip, etc. music tracks with any program. It's a catch 22 on WM - bluetooth is an option, but it's skippy and many don't support remote control.

    This has been one of the sole reasons for sticking to Palm - I don't think that WM6 addresses this at all, and the iPhone might do it, but that's a whole other story -
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    Bluetooth headphones give you all of those features. Music stops when a phone call comes in and resumes when done. You can pause/play, skip forward/backward and control volume all from your headphones. WMP, PocketPlayer, PocketMusic and even MortPlayer support the remote control via AVRCP. It's true that some A2DP headphones tend to skip occasionally, but others are rock solid like my Samsung SBH-100's which have zero skipping issues and sound amazing.

    Also for the device suspend stopping the music you can install device lock programs that don't suspend the device. The ctrl key pro tweak includes one such program. On my 700wx which has the latest bluetooth stack from Palm will continue playing even after hitting the red button. I bet the new WM6 stack will solve this for the 750 also.
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    I know this topic is a bit older, but in wmp just hit the option key + the red end button and the device will lock the screen, turn off the device after a few seconds an will keep playing.
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