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    Hi all,

    I have had reports of my game Lejjo not working correctly on the treo. I think I have fixed the problem, but I need someone to test it for me. Basically, just load it up and check to make sure it's running in true 240x240 mode instead of the 'compatability' mode.

    Either cab file or an exe installer can be downloaded here temporarily:

    If you'd like information on Lejjo before you install it, take a look at , but make sure you try the version 2.15 on the link above.
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    I forgot to say 'please'...

    The graphics library is used on lots of games, not just mine, so even if you don't like Lejjo - by testing this you'd be ensuring that other games work right on your treo's. And by testing, all I want is for someone to load up the game and make sure the screen is draw completely, and the resolution shown in the options menu shows 240x240.

    since no one has replied, I'll just assume that it works.

    The above link was removed. You can download it at clickgamer as well as handango or pocketgear if you're interested...
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