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    ok so i pull my phone out of my pocket and press the power button to turn it on takes about 5 seconds before i can do ANYTHING.......then lets say the phone is on and messaging is fully closed.......i click to open my messages and it will take another 4-6 seconds to open unless the program is already running in the background......i have about 9-10m of program memorey and a 40m of storage.....why does it take so long to load?????? tahnx for the help
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    If you have a busy Today Screen (lots of plugins) the system slows down. The 4-6 seconds for messaging is fairly normal (at least on my Treo). Another thing that slowed down my system (and took up some valuable memory) was Voice Commander. I liked using it to show off but never made good use of it. I disconnected it and things seem a bit faster.


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