I cannot sync with our corporate Exchange 2003 SP2 server via wireless Activesync and narrowed it town to a certificate issue. I could really use an experts help, PLEASE! Here are some facts:

1) I am definitley enabled to sync with mobile access in my profile on the Exchange server

2) We tried disabling certificate checking on the server temporarially. With cert checking disabled I was able to sync sucessfully! But of course, the admin can't leave this feature disabled due to potentially security issues. This leads me to belive I have a certificate issue

3) With cert checking enabled as default on the server, when I attempt to sync, I get an error "Your account in Microsoft Exchange Server does not have permission to sync with your settings..."

4) I have a Root Cert (generated by my company) and personal cert (also generated by my company) listed under certs on my phone

5) I can access our OWA page with no problems on my phone via the web brower and access my account with no problems. It prompts me to select a cert below to log on with (standard stuff, just like on the laptop) and I can sign in no prob. This leads me to believe that my cert is valid since I can log on with OWA

So what do you think is causing this problem? My IT guys are stumped. I read somewhere that this may be because my root cert is "home brewed" and not a verisign, etc..

Please help me on this one. I can't wait to get my sync going! Thank you very much for your help.