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    I cannot sync with our corporate Exchange 2003 SP2 server via wireless Activesync and narrowed it town to a certificate issue. I could really use an experts help, PLEASE! Here are some facts:

    1) I am definitley enabled to sync with mobile access in my profile on the Exchange server

    2) We tried disabling certificate checking on the server temporarially. With cert checking disabled I was able to sync sucessfully! But of course, the admin can't leave this feature disabled due to potentially security issues. This leads me to belive I have a certificate issue

    3) With cert checking enabled as default on the server, when I attempt to sync, I get an error "Your account in Microsoft Exchange Server does not have permission to sync with your settings..."

    4) I have a Root Cert (generated by my company) and personal cert (also generated by my company) listed under certs on my phone

    5) I can access our OWA page with no problems on my phone via the web brower and access my account with no problems. It prompts me to select a cert below to log on with (standard stuff, just like on the laptop) and I can sign in no prob. This leads me to believe that my cert is valid since I can log on with OWA

    So what do you think is causing this problem? My IT guys are stumped. I read somewhere that this may be because my root cert is "home brewed" and not a verisign, etc..

    Please help me on this one. I can't wait to get my sync going! Thank you very much for your help.
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    hmm.. this could be a root cert linkage problem. The fact that you're being prompted for the cert is the problem. I'll check what we did to correct that, but I found out that AUTD won't operate in ssl mode unless there is an automatic SSL initiation (no prompts). We had the same issue and actually had to change the linkage on our owa server to correct it. We used a Verisign SGC cert though but hopefully the situation is the same. When we use a homebrew root, its accepted automatically by the browser w/o prompts. It'll be next week before I can check though since I'll be out of town until Wed.
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    If you could check, that would be great! Thanks.
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    Any fix yet?????

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