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    I was curious, can I use with my own domain, or do I get a as my address & I just forward my own emails to that account?

    Can I use as my email address instead (current pop3 solution)?

    If I could have the best of both worlds, where I can use as a pop3 account and also as an exchange account, that would be very interesting to me.

    Is that possible or is that not what offers?

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    you can use your own email. I'm currently testing it now. I have my email set to forward from to When I send new mails and replies they look like they are solely from, no adds or messy headers. I wanted to try and have 4smartphone grab my mail instead of forwarding it, but 4smartphone can't get mail from SSL pop3 servers.
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    So does your PC need to be turned on to forward emails to your address?

    Can I setup multiple pop3 mail accounts to forward to & have them go into separate folders within outlook?
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    Oh no. You don't need your pc on. It's all server based. I'm don't know about forwarding more than one account. You could try. But it would look like your replying from the primary account only. Yes I think you can set up rules to move mail to different folders. But I think I read somewhere were some others have done that and they don't get email alerts when new mail arrives in those folders only for new mail in the inbox.

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