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    Hi guys -

    Completely new to the forum and a bit of an amature. I am an "independent user," so I do not have a company to stand behind with an Exchange server. I just run Outlook.

    I upgraded my BB 7750 to a 700w last night and have concluded that I might be an *****. Once you've had BB's webclient instantaneously push email, anything less is disappointing (especially at the price). I love having a windows representation of my schedule/contacts/tasks on my hip, but I'm not sure if it justifies the price and new unlimited data plan (the BB was fine on 10mb/month). I used to operate the BB and a RAZR for phone use, so my main goal was to consolidate the two. I also have doubts about having to leave Outlook running on a computer to receive email (I know I can use GMAIL and program it to sync every X minutes, but that's not my concern right now).

    I am aware of the fact that there are some programs to "push" email instantly from Exchange servers, but is anything in the works for people like me? Should I hold out, or should I return the device in the next 14 days?

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    If you're not using an Exchange server, there's no need to have anything running on your desktop in order to get your mail. Just configure the built-in mail program on the Treo to access your POP or IMAP email account directly at your ISP. Or am I misunderstanding your situation?
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    Thanks for the reply...

    I think I was just spoiled by the BlackBerry's instant-push. I ended up doing exactly what you recommended, and there's a three to five minute lag between the time mail is sent and received (the BB was instant). It actually isn't a big deal... it's just weird taking that step back. It is nice to have one unit, but it wasn't too bad having the RAZR and 7750. Still a toss-up. I'm going to give it a little time.


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