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    I realize that there is a memory leak problem with some programs on MS Mobile, but where does the memory actually go?

    Is there a program that accounts for the memory use?
    Why hasn't this problem been resolved by microsoft in the new OS?

    Thanks in advance for answering these questions.

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    "Memory leak" is a colorful but somewhat misleading term. Here's what's really happening:
    Programs request chunks of memory from the Operating System as they need them. They're supposed to release this memory back to the pool when they're done with it. Buggy programs may fail to do this, or the OS itself may have bugs that prevent it from recognizing that the memory has been released. In either case, the effect is that the pool of available memory keeps shrinking, as if there were a leak in a tank of liquid. As to why MS hasn't improved the situation: unless there are just a few egregious examples, there is no way to do that without a fundamental redesign of the OS.
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    Select one:

    1. Dubya is using it to store records of eavesdropped phone conversations.

    2. Bill Gates is using it to store browsing habists o he can sell telemarketers your purchasing trends.

    3. Misbehaving programs refuse to let it go when they are done using it, sometiems from bad code and soemtimes on pyrpose to make it appear that program laods faster.

    4. All of the above.

    Normally I say 4 but since I took my meds today, I'll say 3

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