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    Anybody else having problems with music stopping and the treo turning off while wearing a bluetooth headset? When I'm wearing mine(H700), WMP10 will go dim after 1min then the treo will shut off 2sec later and stop playing. If I'm not wearing my headset and its turned off, WMP10 will continue to play after the screen goes dim.

    Does anybody you listen to music out of the speaker while wearing a bluetooth headset waiting for calls?
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    I have this same problem. I read elsewhere that a couple of other people were having the same problem as well. There appears to be a bug with bluetooth, windows mediaplayer and powering off.
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    Thanks for the reply. I thought I was alone.

    Yeah it's a pain in the ****. I've always been a long time user of PocketPlayer, and I'm using it more and more now on my Treo, although it uses more memory than WMP, it also doesn't have this problem and it have many more features.
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    if you want to use both, you need to take off back light timer. I registered that bug with palm the first day the treo came out
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    how do you register a bug with palm? and does it do any good?
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    I called verizon support, who could not help, they then passed me over to palm tech support. as to whether it helps? I am not sure, but I hope so

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