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    I am a long time Palm user and last month had a Treo 700 for 15 days (Verizon) and then tried the 6700 for 15 days (Sprint). I use a 650 on Cingular, and have used Palm since day one and used the Kyocera 6035, 7135, Treo 600, and 650 -- all since they came out.

    Here are some thoughts for all of you about switching phones if you are thinking about it... Note that the 700 was my first Win Mobile Device.

    Treo 700 (Verizon):
    - Excellent phone and great hardware
    - Good battery life
    - Stable but gets slow -- requiring reboots occasionally (unstable).
    - Slow response, gets slow when installing and running too many apps.
    - I tried and loved voice command, but it is slow and uses memory.
    - Always love having that keyboard that I am used to – having to slide out a keyboard stinks (on the 6700).
    - Works for multimedia and web browsing, but you must shut down those apps after use.
    - Palm screwed up releasing it with so little memory -- it degrades the entire user experience of WM 5. The 6700 has 64M vs. 32M on the T700. About 26M is used by WM5, so this makes a huge difference.
    - All 650 accessories work with the 700 – chargers, car mounts, serial GPS, etc. My Charging/GPS cable in car works with 700 perfectly.

    6700 on Sprint:
    - Very good specs, but not as good ergonomics as the 700..
    - Much more powerful device -- could run many apps (Windows Media, Skype, Internet Explorer). You don’t really need to worry about shutting down apps on this device.
    - Sprint's wireless Modem app is a pain to set up, but it works much better in EvDo areas than PDANet. It never disconnects, so if you want a reliable EvDo modem for your laptop, this is much better. You can answer calls while connected, then when you hang up it reconnects perfectly.
    - Sprint data charges are much less than Verizon's, and their Voice charges are less.
    - Phone has option to stay on Sprint or force to roaming (amazing) -- if you are in a fringe area, this is a great option since Sprint lets you roam on Verizon or any CDMA carrier (voice) for free with the $5 Freedom America Plan. In the Boston area Sprint has better EvDO coverage than Verizon and the speeds I got tethered were always higher. Sprint also covers some areas (Falmouth and Cape Cod) that Verizon does not.
    - Using the full power of WM5 is easier since all apps designed for this platform will work with the memory and screen out of the box.
    - You will miss the keyboard and dialing by name, but if you install Voice Command, you can dial without the keyboard. It worked great for me and I have 2000+ contacts.
    - There is no good “keyguard” built into the phone like with the 700. I messed around with a highly praised program MortSaver but did not get the time to get it running right.

    WM5 vs. Palm:
    - WM5 is certainly more powerful and stable – on the 6700, I did not have to reset. On the 700 I had to reset occasionally because it just got slow.
    - There are many nice things about the Palm OS that you may miss. SMS threading is one, but I expect this will be solved shortly. The phone interface is much better than WM5.
    - A great thing about WM5 is that you can be surfing the web, and then an e-mail comes in. You can read it, and then switch back to IE, and be right back where you were. It is really a mini-windows multi-tasking OS.
    - One handed operation is not nearly as good as Palm. But think about using Voice Command and how this will develop. Maybe that keyboard is not so important?
    - WM5 seems to be the best for the multi media things, and the option to use Skype is cool. (Skype used too much memory on the 700 to work, but it worked well on the 6700).
    - In the future, WM5 seems like it will get much better and the Palm OS will stay the same.
    - Notes from Outlook become memos in Palm that are so easily searchable. Searching on WM5 either sucks or I did not find a good WM5 app for this. I never figured out how to deal with Outlook Notes on WM5 and I used this a lot.
    - I use Seven e-mail which does push on the Palm OS and on WM5. They both worked – the Palm OS seven client is slick but crashes a lot. On WM5 the e-mails show up using the default Pocket Outlook client which is nice. The background “vibrate” feature when new e-mails come in works better on the Palm OS.
    - I have used Mapopolis on the Palm since the Treo 600 with a wired charger/GPS cable and it works pretty well. I suspect TomTom on WM5 is better, but I never tested it.

    I am relocating to a new job, and if Sprint has good coverage, I am going to pick up a 6700 and switch. Or if there is another good alternative on WM5 I’ll do that. I think the future looks good for WM5, but for now, my trusty Treo 650 works OK.

    I am happy to answer any questions for those on the fence…

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    Nice...confirms a lot about what I have heard. WM is growing on me much easier/faster than I thought.
    Palm III-->Palm IIIxe-->Palm 505-->Samsung i300-->Treo 600-->PPC 6600-->Treo 650-->Treo 700wx-->BB Pearl--> BB Curve

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