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    every five minutes i get an error that says "default mail account scheduled get failed." the problem is i get this error even though my auto sync is working for my email accounts. no matter how much i mess with the auto sync feature on each account in versamail it doesn't help. i've even deleted my versamail databases using filez and started over to no avail. does anybody know how to fix this?
    i'm using a treo 650 on sprint and versamail 3.1B

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    I have been "successfully" using VersaMail with Yahoo and AOL for months. I recently did a complete re-install of Palm software on my laptop and a Hard Reset on the Treo 650. Now I receive the same "Default Mail Account Scheduled Get Failed" mentioned above. This is despite having Auto Sync for Yahoo turned off (it never did work correctly, but I'm OK with that).

    I did delete a mail account called VersaMail. I never had to do this before, and perhaps I should have editted it and changed the settings to match what I needed for Yahoo. But in the past I just added Yahoo to a copy of VersaMail that had no other accounts. I did all of the adding of accounts on the device, not the desktop. Here is the sequence of events (starting at the bottom):

    4/1/06 Started receiving error message: "Default mail account Scheduled get failed". Went into Yahoo mail account Preferences and turned off AutoSync. Still got messages. Turned off Alerts within Yahoo mail account Preferences. Still getting messages.

    Unable to find anything related to this error message on Support, or so far the VersaMail User Manual. Try

    Set-up Yahoo account from scratch. There was already an account named "VersaMail", so I tried to delete it. Error message that there must be at least one mail account. Added Yahoo and deleted VersaMail. Don't remember ever having a VersaMail account present.
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