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    Ok i understand that you have to at least have pay as you go for data lets say someone is checking out your phone and clicks on IE.....then it takes them to the web.....that page just loaded and i get charged right?......if so how many kb would an average internet page use?.....and its 1/2 cent per kb right?....i use spb bocket weather 1-2 times a day and i beleive from it grabs 35kb and also might check 2 pop3 email accounts 1-2 times a day(which only get a 1-5 emails daily..........what would i be looking at a month ballpark.....thanx.....i just dont get kb usage
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    Use the My Account access from Verizon's webpage or use #data and it will show you your data usage. I can't remember the exact price cause I've not been at work in a while but those two options I showed you there will at least let you see your usage. In the end you are always better off even if you only get like a 10mb plan or something cause the per usage starts to add up
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    Since you seem to at least want to get weather and mail, then this might not be the option for you, but apparently it IS possible to get data completely turned off, so you don't have to worry about any of those accidental charges.

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