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    I'm thinking about getting the 700w and will be moving from my Axim x30High. I have a few questions I was wondering if yall could help with before I make a decision.

    1. I have a Dell GPS Bluetooth GPS system and was wondering if anyone knew whether the software would work on the new screen.

    2. I'm about to break down and pay the 500$ for the phone since i'm not in the "new every two" window. I qualified for the merits plan which would let me migrate but they said because I switched my primary line and secondary lines a few months ago when I swapped my cell phone number with my home phone number the "one-year" wait starts all over again. Any clue around this? Everytime I call verizon i get told a different story.

    Thanks for your help.

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    1. Not familiar with the Dell unit. What software comes with it ? The software vendor's site should list available screen resolutions.

    2. Ouch.....I have swapped phone numbers around a few times without any issue. Maybe it's a CSR roulette thing ? That's how I plan on getting my next Treo w/ $300 in discounts. Buy it for my son, make his umber the prime number on the family plam and then swap SIMS.

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