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    I had a Treo 180 and kept it in my back pocket, never broke it.

    Had a Treo 650 and kept it in my back pocket, never broke it.

    Had a T-mobile Sidekick inbetween and it couldn't take the slight torsion of me sitting down.

    I should mention that I am not some gheto punk that sags his pants down like a retarted wannabe inmate, so don't imagine that I actually sit on it.

    Now having said this, I never flet comfortable really with those phones in my back pocket, so I was thinking of getting a case for my 700 that would provide some structural reinforcement.

    This one looks cool
    but I don't know if it will provide any substancial protection.

    Also thought about the MC6 Magnesium Case:
    But am not sure if that fits the 700...

    What do you guys think?
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    I kept my 650 in my back pocket using the Proporta Aluminum case. Worked great except that the plastic screen protector broke off after a couple of days so I just popped it off and kept on using it.

    The other downside and why I stopped keeping it in my back pocket was that the unit would slant to the side and the antenna would get caught on my pants when I would try to remove it from my pockets.

    Now I am using the palm branded pouch and I am happy. Although there are times I hate having the thing on my waist.
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    Thanks for the reply, is that case close or the same to the innopocket one? It looks really similar.

    I don't have the slant problem... Not sure why. Without being too graphic, I have a really muscular *** and the phone sits on the outer side of my left Glute.
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    Hey look there is a swear word filter on this site... Thats funny.

    I am sure someone has some more input.

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