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    So before I try and learn how to program on a Windows Mobile device, I figured I would throw this idea out there and see if anyone has either: a) heard of a product like this, or b) knows if this is possible/impossible.

    My thought is: Would it be possible to write a small program that performs NAT and provides DHCP through an ad-hoc wifi network (using the Palm wifi SDIO card) and uses the EVDO connection as the link to the Internet. I remember back before routers become popular, you could do this with a Windows PC. Even Microsoft put it into Windows through Internet Connection Sharing. I had written a small program for Windows which did this back in the day, but I am not sure how tricky it would be to do it on Windows Mobile. Wifi would make linking a lot simpler than even bluetooth since you could take activesync out of the picture.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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    Interesting idea.

    Forgive my ignorance, is the intent for this software is to connect the Treo to the internet via EVDO and serve the internet to the rest of your network like a Router/Access Point would do it?

    I guess that's why the title - duh!
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    There is a cumbersome solution using java and some open source routeroftware, but a small native program to do this would be very useful. With the other solution for e.g. you have to use a static ip, it has no dhcp server.


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