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    Bought treo 700 thru verizon 2 weeks ago
    ported my sprint number over.
    I have problems with voice mail and it is not accessible! they have been working on for 2 days now but no success.

    Verizon people keep telling me that they will fix it but they will not extend my 15 day trial period. If I keep it and they do not fix it I will be locked into a 2 yr contract that I cant come out of because of a malfunctioning voive mail ( verizon rep admitted it)
    options are to :
    1. Go back to sprint now and forget the 700.
    2. Since sprimnt does not have treo 700 which service does? ( other than for verizon) that you guys like?
    3. have faith and stay with verizon.

    I like treo 700 but it seems to me that sprint is better in tethering to laptops..

    have you had such an experience and what would you recommend?
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    I would escalate to next level manager to get the trial extended. If they would not grant that, go back to Sprint. After all, Verizon failed to provide the necessary support.

    What kind of guarantees do you get if you stay with Verizon? If you don't mind the inconvinience and trust Verizon will fix it, then you stay. Otherwise, its not worth getting the hassle.
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    Head back to Sprint. What-you-see-is-what-you-get - why do you think Verizon will fix it after they know they have you hooked for 2 years?

    Edit Add: LOL - Ronbo and I responded at the same time with essentially the same answer. How can you disagree with that?
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    The problem about porting numbers is that it does not work well all the time for the consumer, i.e.: like problems stated by the OP. My wife (she uses Nokia) ported her telephone number from AT&T to Verizon, it took three weeks for the phone to actually connect again (Verizon blames AT&T and AT&T says it's Verizons problem) and over a month to get the voicemail working.
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    I can't imagine it being TOO hard a problem fixing voicemail. If that is your only problem/worry about keeping the Treo 700w, keep in mind that Verizon customer and tech support seems to be fairly helpful, and it seems that when they can't fix that they could probably just set up a new account or give you a new phone. I just recently dealt with them about an odd problem. I was with Verizon before, and couldn't send text messages to my girlfriend for some reason (at the time she was on AT&T). It didn't bother me too much, and I figured out a convenient workaround. She then ported her number to T-mobile, still couldn't text message her. I then ported my number over to sprint and used a treo 650 and I could suddently text message her. I came back to Verizon after the sprint trial period, and now couldn't text message her. I actually thought I couldn't text message anyone, since she was pretty much the only person I had tried messaging, and I had just setup my new accound and activated text messaging, so I called up the consumer support and they messaged me and I messaged them fine. To make this rambling long story short, it took them about 2 days, but they fixed whatever the problem was, and all is good. Your problem might take longer, but it seems that at the very least they can always set you up with a "new" account and new phone and try starting from scratch
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    The problem is that the OP did not have the satisfaction of using the phone (regardless of what phone) without any other issue for 15 days.

    If Verizon believes highly about the service it provides, then why not be consistent and extend the 15 days trial?
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    My question is this, to port your number from Sprint to Verizon, did you not cancel your Sprint accout? Does this create any confusion / billing issues?
    Craig M.
    Former Treo600 User
    No Longer Using a Treo, but Checking the Forums for Updates and such!
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    Escalate. And also, the answer to question #2: nobody. Not until Verizon's exclusivity agreement with Palm ends. You can stay with Sprint if you haven't already cancelled your account, plus number re-porting headaches, and will still have no guarantee on the Sprint release date on the phone. Could be July, could be later.

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