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    My boss has too many contacts in Outlook. He wants to keep them all in Outlook, but doesn't need them all in his 700. Is there a way to decide which contacts will sync to the device and which won't? Will it only sync the primary contact folder, but not sub-folders? I know that when I had it for three days to test and set-up, I have three calendars in my Outlook, and it pulled all of the appoints into one calendar on the 700, but I don't recall how it handled contacts.

    I'm concerned that just deleting them in the device will sync the deletion to the server.

    Any idea?

    Thanks. Mike.
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    Yep, you can assign the contacts to categories, and choose which categories will sync. Options/Contacts/Settings.
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    Options/Contacts/Settings.... Settings is grayed-out. Dunno why.
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    Is that still possible in AS 4.1?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotrod
    Is that still possible in AS 4.1?
    Nope. I am running 4.1 with my Treo and my HP hx4705. I can filter out contacts by categories syncing my hx4705. The "settings" button works while the hx4705 is syncing. With the Treo in cradle the button doesn't work...INTERESTING!!
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