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    I'm a long-time Treo user (650 on T-Mobile) and decided to bite the bullet and try a 700w. I've used Pocket PC devices a few years ago but not WM5 before. I've been using the 700w for a few days and have a few questions for the more experienced:

    1.) In the call log, is there any way to see the duration of a previous call? You can see this easily on an unlocked GSM 650, there is a details button in the call log. On the 700w the only thing I see is the call counter which shows the total call time.

    2.) When you bring up messaging for an email account, is there an easier way to get it to check for new mail? The fastest way I see is to bring up the account, press the menu soft button, and select send/receive. Anything faster? Also is there anything like Chattermail for WM5 or a way to get Messaging do this with an IMAP account? I don't use Exchange (I'm a Mac user). This isn't critical to me, but would be nice.

    3.) I know that DUN is disabled on the 700w. I can't use PDANet (Mac user again), but even if I could, I really want a bluetooth way not using cables (I do this now on a 650). I've conflicting data on Verizon's plans on this. Are they really planning to add this later or is this a smoke screen. Does anyone use DUN on a 650 for Verizon or does disabling it seem standard for them. If they plan to allow this in the future than that's an incentive to keep the 700, but if they plan to never do this I'll probably return it.

    4.) Are they any call plan tracking programs for WM5? I use one called Cell Plan on Palm. I know that you can manually reset the counter or dial Verizon to get a text message but I'd like a way to track this.

    5.) Any recommendations on a backup to SD card program? I use BackupMan on Palm and it works perfect for me. I'm interested in the new SPB Backup since they seem to make other well respected software. Do these programs completely back and restore? With BackupMan I can choose "Restore Device" and everything is perfect. I was shocked to read Palm's documentation on how much would be lost by Activesync after a hard reset.

    6.) Last question. The CDs look like there's a license key for Outlook. I remember with a PocketPC years ago that it had a license key but you could only install the software on one computer with it. I'd like to install at work and eventually on something at home. The computer at work has an older version of Outlook and I don't want to use the one license just to upgrade it's software. Anybody know about this? I can't find anything one way or another in the documentation.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I would like to know the answer to some of these questions too.

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