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    They claim that ANY internet useage going through the phone would result in data charges......even when using a wifi card......this cant be true......please tell me otherwise
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    I think they gave you wrong information. People that I know that have been using the Treo and a WIFI card have not been charged by Verizon for data access. I was planning on going that way but have been spoiled with my EVDO (hate to spend the 44.95 a month but for me it has always been toys over logic).

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    Absolutely untrue!
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    How the heck can they charge you if you are using wifi. You are NOT using a Verizon data connection with wifi.

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    Verizon is not tracking wi-fi usage (although I'll bet they wish they could!). The next time someone feeds you such bogus information, make sure you get their name so you can post it all over the web under the "Most Clueless CSR" category. Once word gets back to the Verizon employees that they are being held accountable for their BS, they'll make a little more effort to learn about their own products.

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