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    I keep my 700w at work and I seem to miss a lot of calls (and voicemails) but my missed calls list sorta vanishes and I don't know that I even have any voicemail. So I have to dial my voicemail to even see that I have voicemail waiting.

    Is there a way to quickly bring up the "missed calls list" or the "voice mail waiting" list on the 700w after it has been sitting for a few hours unattended?

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    i beleive if you get a missed call, voicemail, text or email....your messaging button will not say "messaging" it will say "notification" then you click that and it will bring up a window for what you missed....i hope that helps in a way
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    Your telephone icon at the top will show an exclamation point when you have a missed call. For the list I always press the green 'send' button then select 'call log'. The 'notification' button then 'voicemail' should show you the actual recently missed calls as well.
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    You have to have it set in Sounds & Notifications to display a message, etc., when you miss a call. Go to Start -> Settings -> Personal -> Sounds & Notifications -> Notifications tab. Select "Phone: Missed Call" from the drop down list. Then check which types of notifications you would like to receive. If you select "Display message on screen," you will get the little icon at the top, like stated above by DJRoppolo, and also a message at the bottom of the screen saying you have a missed call from <contact name>.

    You can make the same types of settings for Voice Mail as well.

    To view all calles, placed and received, press the "Menu" soft button at the bottom right, and select "Call Log."
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    Also, If you are still missing messages and calls, try this APP:
    Called "Phone Alarm"
    I haven't seen any first hand accounts from 700w users, but it looks nice from the screen shots.
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    I can vouch for the PhoneAlarm application. It works great on my 700W. I have been using it for a couple of weeks. It gives me repeated reminders for missed calls, voicemails, and text messages. At $20, the price is steep, but it is worth it to me. It is a bit sad that we have to pay for this though. It sems to me that this should have been built into WM5.
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    Glad to hear PhoneAlarm works. I registered it long ago for my XV6600. I might try it on the 700w but it was always very unstable on the XV6600 so I am reluctant.
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    wanna trade serials- I have a serial for ilauncher if you give me a serial for phone alarm
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    I am using PhoneAlarm v1.30.02 and it has been perfectly stable on the Treo. No problems to report.
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    Thanks for the Phone Alarm recommendation! IT is FANTASTIC!

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