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    I would like to find something that I can download (that gives a map of my area) that will work with either the contacts or the appointments that I make. I would like to be able to look up an appointment address quickly and easily, without having to type it all in to something like Am I out of line here or is there something that will work out there?

    I have looked at where you can download a region, but do not know how well it ties in with the rest of the PDA.

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    If you haven't already, you might check out KMAPS. It has a contacts lookup capability and downloads google map tiles for the areas surrounding a location. It is going through some problems after it was sold to ulocate by the developer, but the basic functions still seem to work. It does require IBM Java VM which uses a bit of memory.
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    For a static solution, check out kmaps as jrfaris has said above. For turn by turn voice directions to any of your contacts check out the Seidio G2350S and S4850S

    If going with kmaps, check out the Java on SD card threads

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