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    For those times when my 700 needs a soft reset but isn't completely locked up, it would be nice to have a program that would force a soft reset. Taking the phone apart to get to the reset button is a pain, especially while driving with a coffee cup in one hand and the Treo in the other. Holding the stylus in the teeth while steering with the elbows is, well, a little risky.

    Anyone know of such a thing?
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    I recommend "Magic Button," which is a free task manager that also does a soft reset. It shows you running apps on the top of the screen and you can close each one individually. Its reasonably stable.
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    Here you go:
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    Kingsx: Thanks, I will try Magic Button
    Psywzrd: Where can I get information about the file you attached? Is it described on a Web site somewhere?

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    i use pocket plus so when i close the windows the programs shuut down
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    I use Wei's SoftReset, which may be the same thing as what the wizard fellow posted but I didn't click to find out.
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    Installed Magic Button. It seems to work fine. Thanks.

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