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    so with normal verizon phones you can send a picture messege and it doesnt cost anything if you have a text package......i tried sending a pic tonight and the only way i could do it was with the thinking multi media???? who knows im new lol......but i think when i sent it it connected to verizon and was sent and i got charged for this true? or does it send normally as a text....i dont wanna spend a fortune to send pictures.
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    I called verizon and asked about this, and the rep (who didn't really seem to know anything) assured me that even though it was connecting to the verizon data service, MMS messages are not charged as data. I checked my bill online, and it looks like this is correct - it looks like I was not charged for the data.

    However, MMS messaging doesn't seem to work very well at ALL on my phone. It often just sits at "Sending 10%..." or sits at "Disconnecting 95%..." and doesn't actually send the MMS. ANNOYING!
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    ive only sent one pic through mms and not sure if im being charged for it....i checked my data usage and it 105 kb and who knows if the pic used any......but i checked my pix messages and it said i had none when i sent 2 ....go figure

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