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    Anyone else tried this freeware gem called WM5NewMenu? This freeware program allows you to re-program the softkeys on the Today screen to allow one to easily create new appointments, contacts, etc right from the Today screen. It seems to work well, although the set up is a tiny bit difficult since the setup applet is not meant for 240x240. However, once set up, it works great
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    Oops. Link if you want it.
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    I like the new sms option.
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    I really like the concept but how do you keep the notifications option on the soft key? Free is good but I'd rather pay to get some instructions.
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    I installed to my left softkey. If I have no notifications, the softkey on the today page is labelled "New". A press of that softkey reveals two choices: "New" and "Messaging". Selecting "New" pops up a Menu on the left softkey to select new task, contact, e mail, sms, etc. The "Messaging" selection works as before to take me to Ee mail and text messages.

    If a text message comes in, the left softkey changes to "Notification". Upon pressing it I can select either "Notification" or "Messaging" and it works as before

    If A Voicemail comes in, the softkey label changes to "Voicemail". The two choices attached to the left softkey are now "Voicemail" and "Messaging" and it works as before. IMO, it all works very well and would be worth paying for, but it is free.
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    Can someone help me here. I went to the website, downloaded the Cab file - trasnferred it to my phone, Installed the application. But nothing happened. No change to my menus or anything. When I go into File Explorer and click on the file, I get a message that says launch the application first - but I can't figure out how to do that. I obviously missed something but I don't know what.. HELP!


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    Once you have transferred and installed, you should go to "Start">>>Settings>>>System. On that tab, you will find a new icon for "New Menu for WM5". Open that and you will find the settings for WM5. This setting applet is not 240x240, so it helps to look at the screenshots on the programmers website. Make sure the apps you want on the "New" menu are checked, and make sure that you change the checked "radio button" from the default (disabled) to either left or right softkey. Close the applet and do a soft reboot. On the Today screen, your chosen softkey should now be "New" Press that softkey and it will present subchoices of either"new" or "Messaging". Again select "New" and you will be able to make new contacts , appointments or whatever you choose. Good luck.
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    Thanks a million. Works like a charm. Just curious. How did you know to go into settings? I could not find any instructions on the website.

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    You are welcome. I am glad to help, as I have been helped at times by reading these posts. I figured it out by playing with it while looking at the developer's screenshots, but it took me a couple of tries and I actually deleted the program once as non-functioning (because I did not see the settings applet). I think it is a great freebie and am grateful to the devoper.
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    That is a nice app. It was too many clicks to add a new contact or note before.
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    Just installed the App - this could be Very useful...MUCH easier to start programs One handed, and with a few thumb clicks.

    Still messing around with setting up the program...yes, i agree some setup docs would be nice, but i guess that is why the program is free-

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