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    Ok this may be a dumb question, but what is the difference between external power and battery power
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    I hate when no one answers my stupid Not sure what your asking. The external power charges the battery. No difference.
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    External power is probably when you have the treo being charged when you connect it to your computer/car charger. That charges the battery. Battery power is when you are using the treo and the only power comes from the batter itself.
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    I'm sure your asking in reference to certain control panels like the Backlight control panel, when setting brightness and time to turn off settings for when the PPC is running on 'Battery' power or when it is plugged into the wall charger or usb/cradle/cable-charger and running on 'External Power.'

    Hope that clears up a few things.
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    thanx hotrod....that was clear

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