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    What is the best wifi card to get?.....ive been looking at PALM's but here it is a battery hog.......and ive also been looking at the spectec one(second version) that is the small card and doesnt really come out of the slot that far.....any like to hear some feedback as to what company has the best......also if you could link to some good sites that have them any cheaper would be great! thanx so much
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    Also i beleive that the new spectec wifi is a MINI SD this true or do they call it that because it is smaller than the other wifi cards out on the market?......and if it IS an actual MINI sd then i could just throw that in my mini sd adaptor so it will fit in the sd slot on my phone right?
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    I have the Spectec SD card, which is smaller than the others on the market (it still protrudes, but not too badly), but they also have a new one that uses the mini-SD format. I thought about going mini-SD, and just using an adapter because then I might be able to stash it inside the battery compartment (with some mods to the battery door). But ultimately the potential for having a 4GB SD memory card at a comparable price to a 2GB mini-SD won out.

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