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    Ok new to the treo and have everything set up to where i need them. but i have a couple questions :

    1. When texting, after i send a message i get a pop up window that says my message was delivered......then you either wait for it to dissapear or click the dismiss do i get rid of this pop up?

    2. After waking up the treo, is it normal for the today screen to take about 4-5 seconds before it responds correctly? .....Ive noticed when i take the phone out of my pocket to text someone, i hit the power button to turn it on then click messages and nothing happens for a few seconds...then it loads......and usually it takes a couple seconds for messages program to load...why is this...i still have 10.0m of rom left.

    Thanx so much!
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    1. I don't think there's a simple way to do so. But I seem to remember coming across a registry hack site that discussed getting rid of some of the popup messages.

    2. My device doesn't exhibit that kind of initial delay. Going to Outlook does seem slow at times (to the point where I think I didn't click correctly). But I am guessing that's the result of having to swap things in and out of usuable memory or whatever the equivalent is.

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