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    Been searching for the answer to this. How is the call volume on the 700w. Last time I had a treo was the 650 and the volume made it unusable as a phone. So how is the call vol and speaker phone?

    Thanks for any help.
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    I personally think the call volume on the 700 is great. I can hear the person on the other side clearly and crisply and that's at the default one notch above medium level. I also don't hold the phone right against my face when I'm using it to give you another indication at how good the volume is and even holding it about half an inch from my face when talking on the phone the other person can also hear me clearly as well.

    The speakerphone is ok I can't say it's better than my old 710 but it is the same in that the other side can hear me and I can hear them but like all speakerphones you'll sound distant.
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    LOUD...much louder than most phones I have used. It actually hurts at highest volume. Speaker is not quite as loud, but still much better than 600,650.
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    Sometimes too loud.
    I find myself needing to turn it down and have it no more than 50%.
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    Of all the phones I've owned, you can see the complete list here, I think the 700w is probably the loudest in-call volume I've used. The Samsung i730 was the best speakerphone with it's stereo speakers, but the in-call wasn't as loud.
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    Phone volume was always a point of contention with all my previous phones(it drove me up a wall). I have no complaints with the volume on my Treo.

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    call volume is good.

    Speakerphone is excellent.
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    I find myself Turning the volume down (when I'm not on my headset) all the time and I keep my Treo in a hard case that puts extra distance between the phone and my ear...
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    Call volume is excellent.

    Speakerphone is CRAP .. how ebadger can say its excellent is beyond me.

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