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    My company will be upgrading the server to Exchange in April (I hope). BUT the meantime it looks like I have two choices with the Treo 700w(which I just ordered).

    1. Have my company email "echoed" to another external account (such as, and end up with "double" email.

    2. Buy a VPN app for the Treo and vpn in (as I do now with my laptop).

    If I VPN in, my concern is that my emails will be fragmented between my laptop and Treo. Is there a way to copy the emails from the treo back into my outlook on my laptop ?
    I will be really happy when we have the exchange server, as I am told the email will stay on the server, not on my laptop or treo.

    Thank you for any help or suggestions.
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    no one doing vpn .. ?

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