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    Reviewer seems impressed with OnCourse Navigator:

    "I am going to begin this review with what, for me, is an a drastic statement: of all the pieces of Palm and Windows Mobile software that I have encountered over the years, none of them gave me as much of a positive first impression as did OnCourse Navigator 5. Whether it was because this was the first real 3D Navigational Software that I acquired for my Loox or due to the features of the software itself (probably some of the first and a lot of the latter), I was almost speechless after seeing it operate for the first time and was astounded at the ability of the software."

    TomTom seems to have fallen behind.
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    Doesn't work with the 700w. This is from their web site.

    Correction: Treo 700w is NOT compatible with OCN5 due to memory issue. A new Treo 700w only has about 10 to 15MB available free memory. The issue is due to the limitation of memory in the Treo 700w and it is not an issue with OCN5, as OCN5 is fully compatible with most PDAs running on WM5.0.

    OCN5 needs at least 15MB in order to run the OCN5 (L) - regional maps and 30MB to run the OCN5 (XL) - seamless USA or XXL - seamless North America map. User may use OCN5 (L) on their Treo 700w if they could reserve 15MB free PDA main memory (not storage), otherwise, we will just have to wait for Treo 700w version 2 with larger memory.
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    I coulda sworn the dude had a picture of the 700w on the page....maybe it was an add. Just realized I forgot to post the link. I have 17 MB free on my Palm Treo but in a pinch could easily move things like VoiceDial and D&EA off to get to around 20 MB....shame looks like a pretty good program. Never realized an "outta da box" WM5 Treo had that much less useable memory than the Palm 650.
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    here's another one.... Version 5 doesn't have Treo on Compatability List....perhaps w/ verion 6

    Navigonís new Java program is compatible with a Smartphone, Pocket PC or PDAPhone running on a Windows Mobile OS, or on a Smartphone Symbian S60. The MobileNavigator 6 is a navigational software that is assisted by GPS via downloadable numerical charts. The interface features a fast 2D graphical interface and precise information, so you can be assured of never losing your way again."

    "At the CeBIT fair last week, Navigon showed new concepts such as Lane Assistant from MobileNavigator 6, due in mid-'06. Lane Assistant displays multiple lanes with an indication as to which lane driver needs to follow for selected route. Further MN 6 enhancements include realistic displays of road signs, 2D and 3D displays, voice commands, traffic info, and visual and acoustic warnings for exceeding speed limits. Navigon also showed latest version of system shown at CeBIT '05 that allows dashboards to show navigation display of cellphone via Bluetooth serial port protocol. A similar concept was shown by Paragon Fidelity."

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