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    is treo 700w a smartphone or is it or a pocket pc
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    Well it is running Windows Pocket PC platform, not Windows Smartphone platform.
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    My meaning being you can have a Pocket PC with no phone in it at all. This is a pcoket PC with telephone capability. I just prefer to call it a Treo which I think defines it best. Tho Treo was originally intended to convey 3 devcies in one or a "trio" now, it might be called an Octio . Let's see how many we canb name:

    1. Phone
    2. Contacts Manager
    3. Handheld computer
    4. E-mail Device
    5. Internet Acess Device
    6. Travel Alarm Clock
    7. Voice Recorder
    8. GameBoy eqivalent
    9. Ipod equivalent
    10. GPS device (not fair maybe requires auxilliary hardware)
    11. Camera
    12. E-Reader

    Okay I am stopping at a dozen so others can have fun too . Only rule is there has to be an actual piece of hardware which one can buy that does just that one thing.
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    13. Voice Commandable - isnt speech UI better than the ipod finger wheel UI in a lot of cases?

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