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    Ok so ive set up wireless sync and after looking through everything i probably dont really need it......but i can still use as question is how do i turn off wireless sync completely so the icon and screen seperator dissapears?.....right now i am able to get rid of the icon but the seperator is still there.....thanx!!!!
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    Good luck with that! The only way I have found to shut it down is to close the files in task manager manually. Other than that, I haven't found out how.

    It seems to have "absorbed" itself into Windows. Very creepy.
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    also if the icon is there does that mean im being charged anything? still alittle confused to this whole wireless sync thing
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    Happy: I must be still asleep or something.. I was thinking of "active Sync". My knowledge of "wireless sync" is very limited, but I am considering setting it up tomorrow. I really just don't have that much of a need for it. Sorry for the confusion.
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    The only way I could get rid of the icon was hard reset.

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