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    I purchased my Treo 700 through when they were $99 after two rebates. Turns out the phone actually came from wirefly. They had a 30 return policy so I figured why not but I din't initially port my phone number over. I decided to keep the unit and ported the number about 2 weeks in which was mandatory, I could not loose that number. Now I see that wirefly sticks in rediculous requirements in their rebates that you do not change your phone number (actually it says cancel service but it is worded weird). They also state that if you do so you will not only loose your $200 in rebates but they will charge you and additinoal $250 for the phone.

    Has anyone dealt with this issue. If I had realized I was dealing with Wirefly I would not have purchased the phone through
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    I bought mine for $99 from As I was checking out, here was a place to type in a phone number to bring over. I chose not to, so that i could get a fresh number. It's not optional, they are required to let you bring your number, and they cant charge you $200 dollars for it.
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    well I did not bring over the number initially because I wanted to evaluate the phone. I have tried for 45 minutes to get through to customer support and its and endless stream of numbers to other numbers until you finally get disconnected.

    I should have just paid full price.
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    lol, ok tell you what, send me $600 dollars, and i'll wait on hold 2 transfer your number for you
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    I bought my phone through and had major problems porting my number over, but was eventually able to do it. I had talked extensively with both Verizon and with Inphonic about it, until eventually I got things worked out. My problem was due to porting a number from Verizon back to Verizon, which they don't consider as signing up for a new account, even though my previous account was off contract. The long and the short of it is this: I switched my original number to Sprint for a bit (so that it was no longer a Verizon number), then I had to get the phone from with a new number and new service. I then, as per the instructions by the Inphonic people, called up Verizon customer support and have them port my number (I'm assuming this is what you've already done), and tell them to use the Inphonic dealer code (Inphonic was very emphatic about this, however the Verizon people didn't seem to know why, and said it wasn't important...I think it had something to do with keeping my account # the same so that Inphonic would get their commission or something). Anyway, once I was done all that and had the number ported over I then had to call back Inphonic and inform them of my new number so that I wouldn't void those rebate offers.

    I have a piece of paper back home with all the numbers on it I had to call, but (800) 378-8091 will get you in touch with Inphonic. You will also need your order number when you call them (it isn't the same order number as you got from, but instead the order number that you can get if you log onto, click the order number, and then "Wireless Order Details". It should be a 9 digit number starting with a 3, 4, or 5 (mine started with a 3).)

    I'm crossing my fingers that all will go well and in 6-10 months I will get the rebate processed fine, however Inphonic has a long history of screwing over people trying to get rebates over the smallest infraction, and they even lost their better business bureau membership back in November, so oh well. :-\
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    good to know that's actally possible annonymouse, I had just gotten used to switching providers every year

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