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    I have been trying to stream music from my Treo to my stereo via bluetooth, but i just read that the 700w does not have A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile? So this is not possible? Anyone know anything about this?
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    it does not
    no one knows if it will be get it later
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    Crap, yes i just read this ....

    Does it work with the Treo 650/700w?
    Yes and no. The headphones will work with the Treo 650 as a Bluetooth headset for use during phone calls. But even though the Treo has MP3 playing capability and Bluetooth, it does not have the required support to play stereo music over it's Bluetooth connection. The new Treo 700w is running Windows Mobile 5 which should make it easier to get A2DP support, but it seems like Palm needs to update the firmware to AKU 2 in order to get it. Rumor is that you can get drivers on the web somewhere to get this to work too, but we can't vouch for it.

    So now i have hands free calls over my home stereo system, but not my mp3s. Crap. Not exactly what i wanted.

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